NOw that's what I call entertainment.
It's in the name of the show.. we hold discussions on some of the best and worst shows and movies Netflix has to offer.
Let's Netflix  and Chill Podcast
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E162 | Love at First Sight (movie)

On their flight from New York to London, Hadley and Oliver fall in love with each other. However, they lose each other at customs and the possibility of ever meeting e...

E161 | MisEducation (series)

Miseducation takes us into the life of Mbali Hadebe, the daughter of corrupt politician Brenda Hadebe, who faced accusations of stealing grant money. The series begins...

E160 | The Great Seduction/ La Gran Seduccion (movie)

After industrialization ended economic activity and filled the inhabitants of the fishing island of Santa María del Mar with disappointment, their destiny is about to ...

E159 | One Piece (series)

This is by far the best Live adaptation of an animation series Netflix has ever done I doubt they will ever do anything of this magnitude ever again. I loved every wak...

E158 - On Netflix this September (combination of varies shows and movies)

In Episode 158 of the Let's Netflix & Chill Podcast, we look at some of the shows and movies expected to come out in SeptemberOne PieceDisenchantmentLove at first sigh...

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