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E122 | Mr. Harrigan's Phone (movie)

Craig, a young boy, befriends the elderly billionaire John Harrigan. Craig then gives him a mobile phone. However, when the man dies, Craig discovers that he can communicate with his friend from the grave.

Craig becomes acquittances with retired businessman Mr. Harrigan following the death of his mother, with instructions to simply read to him three times a week. As the years go on, Craig and Harrigan become fast friends, despite Harrigan showing some anti-social tendencies. During this time, Craig starts high school and becomes relatively close with his teacher Ms. Hart, who comes to his aid when the school bully Kenny attempts to intimidate him. After winning three-thousand dollars from a lottery ticket that Harrigan gave him and receiving his first iPhone for Christmas, Craig buys Harrigan one, despite first showing resistance to new technology.

Harrigan dies unexpected, leaving Craig rather broken at the loss of his old friend. At the funeral, Craig sneaks Harrigan's phone into his suit. He is then informed by Harrigan's associates that he was left in his will and will receive eight hundred-thousand dollars in his trust fund, knowing Craig wanted to go to college and be a writer. In a small tinge of mourning, Craig calls Harrigan's phone as a small gesture. The next morning however, he finds out Harrigan sent him an odd next message. His father chalks it up to it being a bug within the iPhone itself.

Craig attempts to move on with his life, going to a dance with a crush of his, only for the night to be ruined by Kenny, who accuses him of getting him expelled from school for selling drugs. After being taken home, Craig calls Harrigan's phone in a fit of frustration and sadness and tells him he wants Kenny to "get what he deserves". Kenny is found dead the next day, alleged that he fell from his bedroom window attempting to sneak out. Scared of what happened, Craig quickly goes to an Apple store and upgrades his phone to a newer model to avoid getting texts from Harrigan and hiding his old phone.

Craig eventually graduates high school and goes off to college in Boston, preparing to study in journalism. Midway through however, his father calls him to tell him Ms. Hart was killed in a car accident due to a drunk driver, leaving her fiancée hospitalized. The driver, Dean Whitmore, isn't charged for the accident and instead sent to rehab. Infuriated by it, Craig returns to his room and uses his old phone to call Harrigan, wishing death on Whitmore. After some time, Craig learns Whitmore was found dead in his shower. He drives to the rehab center and bribes a worker there on more details of the suicide, revealing that Whitmore swallowed shampoo and shoved a piece of broken soap bar, the same soap used by Ms. Hart, in his mouth before leaving a suicide note, which Craig is able to deduce is actually the lyrics to the song "Stand by Your Man” by Tammy Wynette: Harrigan's ringtone.

Craig breaks down and returns to his hometown. From there, he sees Harrigan's "secret closet" (which Harrigan refused to never let Craig enter) was actually a shrine for his deceased mother and visits Harrigan's grave, apologizing for what he did and even theorizing that Harrigan's odd text messages to him for him begging Craig to let him rest. As he leaves Harrigan's grave, Craig visits his mother's grave and collapses into tears, beginning for forgiveness. Craig then rushes to the town quarry, first intent to commit suicide, before deciding to throw his old phone into the river. The film ends with Craig walking away, before quietly narrating that when he passes on and buried, he wishes for his pockets to be empty.

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Reese Chanson
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E122 | Mr. Harrigan's Phone (movie)
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