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E129 | Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (comedy special)

The comic jokes about learning German, speaking ill of the dead, judging people in horror movies, and ordering Indian food in Scotland.
Not to take away from the man's great work I felt like some of the jokes were repetitive and I had heard them before but if were not based on that, it was  good comed  special so I'm going to talk about comedy special. but just as a hint or fact some of the jokes I heard them before

South African comedian Trevor Noah is back with another stand-up special on Netflix- I Wish You Would where he brings out a bundle of stories while connecting them to the German word ‘schadenfreude’. The comedian takes us along his journey as he talks about the time he leart German, to the pandemic and more.

Directed by David Paul Meyer, the comedian uses his witt and mimicking skills to woo his audience in Canada as well as around the world. In this third special he also goes about speaking ill of the dead, judging people in horror movies, dealing with modern communication, and ordering Indian food in Scotland.
Trevor brings along various topics to us while he takes us around the world from South Africa, to the US, Scotland, Germany and more. The comedian does not stop and every moment is filled with laugh as we are though the word schadenfreude and the moments he felt that could relate.
Every story is centered around the idea of schadenfreude which means to find joy in the pain and sufferings of others, and yes we all do it many times and Trevor did not fail to point it out. And so, he follows this theme and brings out political matters, the pandemic, American presidents and many other topics that brighten up with his hilarious mimickry.
But it is not just the wonderful comedy and storytelling that we take away at the end because we learn the importance of the asking- why?
The comedian really knows how to bring entertainment to its peak and the laughter of the audience along with the sounds only make it better. The height of reliability once again wooes us all and when all is said and done and the show comes to an end, you just hope to sit through another round of his story telling.
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Reese Chanson
Reese Chanson
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E129 | Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (comedy special)
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