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E137 | Kaleidoscope (series)

A master thief and his crew attempt an epic heist worth $7 billion, but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans.All eight episodes can be watched in any order; an introduction ("Black") explains the show's concept, while the episode "White" is intended always to be the series finale.
Yellow" (6 Weeks Before the Heist)
Hannah Kim, the head of digital security at SLS, tests the security of a vault for a potential client. Her father, career criminal Ray Vernon, now Leo Pap, and his former cellmate Stan Loomis meet with explosives specialist Judy Goodwin and safecracker Bob Goodwin to plan a heist targeted at SLS. Weapons specialist Ava Mercer tells Ray she wants to be part of the heist and they recruit RJ, an auto mechanic. Hannah show her roommate sister a positive pregnancy test. The heist crew rob a jewelry store in order to fund the big heist, stealing bearer bonds worth a billion dollars from a trio of bankers known as "The Triplets". Bob stays behind in order to steal a butterfly bracelet and as a result he gets shot in his right hand. Roger Salas, SLS' CEO, suspects that someone on the inside has compromised company security. Hannah plants evidence on an innocent worker, getting him fired, before telling Ray she's in on the heist.
"Green" (7 Years Before the Heist)
Ray, still in prison, writes a letter to Hannah. Judy brings laced lollipops and SIM cards into prison. After Ray shows symptoms of Parkinson's disease, he and Stan hatch a plan to escape from prison. Ray escapes and steals the prison doctor's car, although Stan surrenders himself to the police for Ray to escape. Ray meets with Ava, who helps him fake his death and gives him the fake identity of Leo Pap, and Hannah, who rejects him due to him leaving his family ages ago. FBI agent Nazan Abbasi investigates the prison break, and interrogates Ava. Hannah reads her father's letter, where he warns her that Roger is not who she thinks he is.
"Blue" (5 Days Before the Heist)
Ray breaks the heist down into seven steps, including getting and using a fake SLS security truck to drive into the SLS building. RJ acquires the RF signal from an SLS security truck. Ray breaks into Roger's home office, secures his fingerprint, and adds suspicious drops into the case for Roger's contact lenses. "The triplets" tell Roger they want to move the bonds out of his vault. Roger receives a threatening email and telephone call from someone called Graham Davies, who requires more than four million dollars. A problem with the security software is found. Hannah reassures Roger that it must be just a glitch and not a back door, as the system was installed seven years ago. Roger has problems with his eyes, Stan poses as his eye doctor and scans his eyes. Roger suspects Andrew is behind the extortion attempt and confronts him. Later Carlos kills Andrew in his store. Ray resists an urge to kill Roger in a sauna. Ray finds a way around the missing back door by using the looming storm. The heist is set in motion as the episode ends.
"Orange" (3 Weeks Before the Heist)
Nazan attends the meetings of a drug addiction group and investigates the jewellery heist, while worrying that she might not be able to get custody of her son. Ava Mercer's fingerprints is found on a shell casing. Ava and Bob sell the jewellery to a fence. Ava has a brief encounter with Roger and rents a floor in the same office building as SLS. The heist crew try to figure out a way to the vault. The FBI interrogates Ava, who later tricks a suspicious Nazan. Nazan later gets Ava's old nanny, Teresa, arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and recruits Ava to be a mole in exchange for Teresa's freedom - Ava is implied to have accepted the offer, and Teresa is freed.
"Violet" (24 Years Before the Heist)
With the help of Graham (Roger Salas), Ray breaks into a home safe belonging to a wealthy banker but is trapped inside. Ray spends some time at home with his wife Lily and daughter Hannah, and opens an auto parts store. Ray meets with his fence, Ava. Roger "Graham" and Courtney eat dinner at the home of Ray and Lily. Graham and Ray steal some diamonds from a Christmas charity auction. Graham starts a fire which leads to Ray's arrest and Lily ends up in the hospital.
"Red" (The Morning After the Heist)
This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Episode starts with the morning after the heist. In a voice-over, Ray says that he doesn't know when the plan fell apart. In a flashback, Ray is in the flooded vault, and then leaves the SLS building. Judy states that FBI arrived before the alarms went out, so there must be a rat among the heist crew. Stan then arrives in a Lyft. Roger and Hannah arrive at the SLS building; the last six hours have been wiped. FBI agents Abbas and Toby show up at the SLS building but Roger won't let them in without a search warrant. A diver finds Stan's glasses by an empty safe. Roger recognizes Stan as the man who gave him his eye exam. Carlos visits Stan’s mother and wife posing as a detective in an attempt to find Stan. After Stan’s mother inadvertently mentions a way to find Stan, Stan's mother and wife are shot. Carlos traces Stan's location using “find my phone". Ava shows up at the warehouse in a stolen truck containing the bonds. Most of the bonds turn out to have been replaced with colored paper. Judy, Ray, Stan and Ava face off in the warehouse, which is interrupted by Carlos and crew storming the building. Judy tells Carlos the location of the rest of the bonds. But the key is in the warehouse office, in a safe behind a pull-down bed. Ray is hiding in the bed and shoots Carlos. The FBI storms the warehouse, finding several dead bodies. Agents Abbasi and Toby present Roger with a search warrant. The vault has now been drained of water. With the FBI agents present, Roger opens his personal safe and is shocked to find the stolen necklace in the safe; placed there by Ray. Roger then states that he wants to speak to his attorney.
"Pink" (6 Months After the Heist)
This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. FBI agent Abbasi presents the facts of the case. Roger Salas is serving 20 years in prison for grand larceny, identity theft, and murder. Ray is living in Ohio with Ava and coping with Parkinson's disease. Using Macaw, a speech synthesis app, Bob visits Roger in prison and plans a revenge. Bob recruits two men to help him. They kill Zanetti, Ava's fence. Stan and Judy are living in South Carolina and trying to get out of the country. Stan tries to sell a piece of butterfly jewelry, but fears the buyer might know its origin. Agent Abbasi receives a tip from the buyer and heads to South Carolina. Bob and his crew show up at Ray and Ava's house in Ohio. Ray gives Bob the rest of his money and ties up Ava, Ray and her nanny before driving to South Carolina, where he is shot by the FBI on the beach. Meanwhile, Ava gets killed by one of Bob’s crew, who also shoots her nanny. Ray is back in New York, where he calls Hannah who shows him his granddaughter, Lily. Ray visits Salas in prison. Abbasi is poisoned and collapses on the street. Her partner clears out her office. In the final scene, Ray is walking through an underpass, pulling a suitcase and is followed by an unknown man. We hear a gunshot; it’s Roger’s son.
"White" (The Heist)
This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. During the heist, the gait detection chamber is filled with bees. Ray wears a face mask and the face recognition machine accepts him as Roger Salas. Judy drills hole in the floor of a water tunnel. Ava misdirects the FBI agents to the 59th floor of the SLS building. The agents then discover a surveillance system feeding a false surveillance feed of SLS. Judy loads all the bonds into an elevator. However, Hannah moves the bonds into the mailroom below, where she and her sister remove a few bonds and replace them with colored paper. A confrontation occurs between Bob and RJ, resulting in RJ getting killed by Judy after he shoots Bob on the butt. Stan witnesses Bob and Judy dumping RJ’s body. Bob chases Stan, where Judy eventually strangles and seemingly kills Bob. Ava drives away with the truck, but is stopped by the two FBI agents. Bob performs an emergency tracheotomy on himself. Hannah saves Ray from Carlos. Liz calls Hannah, and Ray hears Liz talking about the bonds. Hannah explains that "the triplets" let her use the bonds and that they would be even richer because of the insurance on them; in return the triplets would let her father live. After finding the key, Ray places a necklace stolen from the Christmas charity auction in Roger's person.


Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap / Ray Vernon, a career criminal and the leader of the $7 billion heist.
Rufus Sewell as Roger Salas / Graham Davies, a former thief who now runs a corporate security firm known as "SLS" that prevent criminals breaking into vaults, and Leo's former partner-in-crime
Paz Vega as Ava Mercer, a lawyer and a weapons specialist who is part of Leo's crew
Rosaline Elbay as Judy Goodwin, the explosives specialist of Leo's crew.
Jai Courtney as Bob Goodwin, Judy's husband and the safe cracker of Leo's crew.
Tati Gabrielle as Hannah Kim (née Vernon), Leo's pregnant daughter who works as the head of digital security at SLS
Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis, a smuggler who was Leo's cellmate in prison few years ago and is part of Leo's crew
Jordan Mendoza as RJ Acosta Jr., the driver of Leo's crew, who sneaks a gun on the heist
Hemky Madera as Carlos Sujo, Roger's murderous right-hand man
Soojeong Son as Liz Kim, Hannah's sister and roommate
John Hans Tester as Stefan Thiele, one of "The Triplets", a trio of billionaire who entrust $7 billion worth of bearer bonds to SLS
Niousha Noor as Nazan Abbasi, an FBI agent
Bubba Weiler as Samuel Toby, Nazan's FBI partner
Patch Darragh as Andrew Covington
Max Casella as Taco
Robinne Lee as Lily Vernon, as Ray Vernon's wife

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E137 | Kaleidoscope  (series)
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