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E144 | We have a ghost (movie)

The discovery that their house is haunted by a ghost named Ernest makes Kevin's family a social media sensation. But when Kevin and Ernest get to the bottom of the mystery of Ernest's past, they become targets of the CIA.

One year after the last owners fled in terror, the Presleys are shown a house. Suspicious of the low price, the estate agent insists that recently prices have been low. On the first night Kevin, the youngest, investigates a sound in the attic. Using his mobile phone light, a ghost appears. When he fails to scare Kevin but instead gets met with a laugh, he vanishes. Kevin returns to the attic and sits down to talk with the ghost. He can't talk and doesn't remember anything about his life. Kevin calls him Ernest as that is the name on his bowling shirt. Suddenly Kevin's big brother Fulton barges in. As he's bullying Kevin for his phone, Ernest helps him. Fulton finds a video Kevin had recorded of Ernest when he first saw him and soon shows their father Frank that their new home is haunted by a ghost. Frank creates a YouTube channel, gets more video of him and, after convincing the mother Mel they could profit from him, makes the ghost and his family Internet-famous.
In high school Kevin meets Joy, the neighbor. She refers to his home as the house of death. Once the video of Ernest goes viral, they cross paths in the library and Joy quickly finds that the house's owner Ernest S. lived there from '65 to '71 and is now residing elsewhere. The West Bay cable TV medium Judy Romano comes to film meeting Ernest. Kevin shows him various horror clips to help him be scarier. It doesn't take long for Ernest to scare her crew, but even Judy reacts in terror, jumping out the window. The post of the madam's reaction goes record-breaking viral. Joy convinces Kevin that they need to take Ernest out to a bar once belonging to the house's past owner to try and jog his memory. They start to uncover the truth about Ernest's past, first a photo of him with the previous house owner, then he becomes fixated on a little blonde girl in the park.
However, Dr. Leslie Monroe visits Frank and Mel, telling them about an old program she ran with the CIA. Called Wizard Clip, its goal was to catch a ghost. When cost of the program was made known to the public they scrapped it, making her the scapegoat. When she tries to convince them that Ernest is dangerous, Frank throws her out. A viral video of Ernest with the girl in the park sets the CIA in motion. They break into the Presley home, but Kevin, Joy and Ernest have already left for Oklahoma to find the past house owner. The next morning the Presley's are coerced into doing an appeal to apprehend the trio. The broadcast comes on a convenience store TV and they outrun the many police cruisers chasing them.
Arriving at the house in Oklahoma, the man tells the story of Randy (our Ernest), who he says became a drunk not able to cope with his wife's death from giving birth. He left his four-year-old daughter with them and disappeared. Ernest makes himself visible, and the CIA swoops in. Back home, Kevin is depressed. Frank apologizes to him, recognizing he's been selfish at the family's expense. He also tells Kevin he's a much better man than he is.
In the CIA facility, an aggressive agent is wearing a pin which triggers his memory. His old friend's wife carried June away while he killed him with a blow to the head. Ernest is being acted upon for not complying, but Dr. Monroe helps him as they had had a positive interaction earlier and she senses his goodness. Ernest S. shows up at the house to kill Kevin, believing he's helping ghost Ernest get revenge. He chases him to the attic, where Ernest and Frank tackle him out of the window. The CIA interrogate Kevin, seeking Ernest the ghost. He doesn't divulge anything, but a flashback reveals that Kevin and Frank reunited him with his now 50+ year-old daughter June. Happy at last, Ernest finally is at peace and goes.
The Presleys have a new moving day, but this time only a few miles away. Kevin and Joy are now a couple. As Kevin leaves the house, a light flickers in the attic.

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Reese Chanson
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 E144 | We have a ghost (movie)
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