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E50 | The Principles of Pleasure ( Documentary- Series)

The series seeks to empower and educate viewers about the female body and female pleasure. Topics discussed in the series range from the history of sex education, the orgasm gap, gender roles in the media and society, the lack of research about women's sexuality dating back centuries, and consent.

The Principles of Pleasure has received positive reviews from critics who lauded the series for emphasizing "that women of color, trans women, fat women, and women with disabilities in particular [generally] get excluded from the dialogue, and most sex educators are white, cisgender, and able-bodied. This isn’t a one-time acknowledgment in the docuseries. Instead, the project consistently wrestles with, to paraphrase one interviewee, how the world relates to our bodies and how that impacts our ability to be sexual. It is a through-line."

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 E50 | The Principles of Pleasure ( Documentary- Series)
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