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E53 | The Bubble (Film)

Sneaking out. Hooking up. Melting down. The cast and crew of a blockbuster action franchise attempt to shoot a sequel while quarantining at a posh hotel.

This is a Covid-19 era comedy about a year too late into the pandemic. Not their fault, the production of a movie takes some time. There are enough funny moments and good bits to keep you entertained but the covid jokes are over played and laid on heavy. I think this would be a more enjoyable and much more funny viewing further removed from the Corona Virus experience. Watch if you want a new comedy without needing to remain focused.

Super Side Note
: I really would love to watch the movie they’re filming, “Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle for Everest: Memories of the Requiem”.

Following a problematic film role that nearly destroyed her career, actress Carol Cobb is given the opportunity to revive her reputation by reluctantly reprising her role as the heroic Dr. Lacey Nightingale in the sixth installment of the wildly popular ''Cliff Beasts'' franchise: ''Cliff Beasts 6: Battle for Everest: Memories of a Requiem''. Carol had turned down appearing in the fifth film in favor of doing the aforementioned panned role, and she fears that her former ''Cliff Beasts'' castmates may hold a grudge against her for abandoning them and the franchise. 

One of the first major film productions to begin shooting amidst the [[COVID-19 pandemic]], the ''Cliff Beasts'' cast arrive at a swanky English hotel and must self-quarantine for two weeks prior to the shoot. During these two weeks, Carol slowly loses her sanity being stuck in her room. After this period is over, a welcome back party is organized for the cast and crew. Here, Carol happily reunites with co-stars Dustin, Howie and Sean but has an awkward meeting with Lauren, the only ''Cliff Beasts'' co-star that appears bitter after Carol's abandonment. The party also welcomes two series newcomers, Dieter, a respected, but indifferent veteran actor, and Krystal, a young [[TikTok]] sensation brought in to attract a younger demographic. The latter quickly forms an alliance with Carla, a deadpan on-set production assistant who's around her age. Director Darren Eigan, an enthusiastic, but frazzled indie filmmaker tries to boost team morale and make the shoot something special but comes off as pretentious. Darren clashes with leading man Dustin, who constantly bombards Darren with revised versions of the film's script to fit his own vision. Dieter harbors a crush on Anika, the hotel's sweet front desk clerk, and hits on her. She responds that she’s interested but wants to build a proper relationship with him first before jumping into sex.

Shooting begins and for the first few days, everything appears to be going according to plan. Sean humorously learns to fly a helicopter up and down. However, a rocky series of events occur that repeatedly delay the production even further. During a group meditation session, Howie succumbs to paranoia and quits the film in a panic. As a result, Howie's ''Cliff Beasts'' character is killed off in a gruesome display. Bored in the hotel, Krystal and Carla sneak out and go partying in the city. This gains traction online and gets Krystal [[cancelled]] for her behavior, losing her a large portion of followers. 

Later the cast tests positive for [[influenza]], linked to a delivery girl who had brought them all their coffee. Despite their sicknesses, the studio forces them to film, leading to them all violently vomiting during an intense shoot. The cast is told to self-quarantine yet again. Introduced is the mysterious Mr. Best, who claims to be the head of a new security team sent by the studio to watch over the cast and the film's production.

While in the hotel, Carol’s boyfriend breaks up with her over the phone. A dejected Carol ends up encountering a handsome member of a football team who's residing at the hotel. Carol nearly has a fling with him before he reveals he's married and that he already has multiple girlfriends and mistresses. And things get even worse for Carol from there. When the shoot starts back up again she realizes that almost all of her character's dialogue and actions have been either given to Krystal or omitted. Humiliated after shooting a scene where Dr. Lacey urinates in fear, Carol suspects this is the studio’s way of getting back at her for leaving the franchise. Carol has a heart-to-heart with Darren and tells him of her concerns, Darren promises to talk to the higher-ups about giving Carol her dialogue back but this backfires. 

Lauren tries to escape from the hotel in a frenzy one night. Mr. Best's men graphically shoot one of her hands off, leaving her in the hospital for the remainder of the shoot. Mr. Best claims that his men thought Lauren was a crazed fan that had wandered onto the premises, but the cast theorizes that Mr. Best himself is the crazed fan who wants them to complete the movie by any means necessary. Infuriated, Carol tries to rally together her castmates and fight for their rights as workers.

One night, the remaining cast take drugs together and bond over the grievances they've been having not only with the shoot but also with themselves. Shortly afterwards, they film an elaborate dancing TikTok with Krystal. During this Dieter collapses due to the drugs. The cast quickly works together in an attempt to revive him but to no avail. However, Anika manages to revive him, cementing their relationship. This event inspires Carol, noticing the cast’s long forgotten effective teamwork. The reinvigorated friendship proves strong and they organize a getaway plan. As they shoot the climax, Dustin creates a distraction by clashing with Darren about the script revisions while the rest of the cast members leave the set and try to avoid getting caught by Mr. Best and his men. 

Carla reveals she was a studio mole put in place to befriend Krystal and spy on the cast, leading to a livestreamed fistfight between the two girls. Meanwhile, Carol is chased down and nearly caught by a relentless Mr. Best but is saved at the last moment when Howie returns and incapacitates Mr. Best with a crossbow. The cast meets up at the helipad, calling upon an unsure Sean to fly them out. A furious Darren tries to stop them from leaving, only to be knocked out by Dustin. Inside the helicopter they find Anika, who hopes to run away with Dieter, an offer he happily accepts. Sean is able to get the helicopter up off the ground but doesn't know how to fly it forward. With encouragement from the rest of the crew, Sean successfully flies the helicopter away from the hotel as the ''Cliff Beasts'' cast celebrate their victory.

Two years later, a behind the scenes documentary detailing the troubled production and crazy antics on the set entitled ''Beasts of the Bubble'' is released to rave reviews and praise from the public. While Carol is described as "the villain" of the film, she's proud of the project. Dieter and Anika's relationship is still strong. Lauren is seen to be in good spirits, having been fitted with a robotic hand. Meanwhile, Darren is signed on to direct a movie based on [[Skittles (confectionery)|Skittles]] candy.

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E53 | The Bubble (Film)
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