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E63 | Senior Year (Film)

Senior Year is a 2022 American comedy film directed by Alex Hardcastle (in his feature film directorial debut) from an original screenplay by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli and Brandon Scott Jones. The film was released on May 13, 2022, by Netflix.

After a failed birthday at the local "cool" spot Rock N Bowl, 14-year-old Australian migrant Stephanie Conway decides she wants to be one of "the populars". She spends the next 4 years giving herself a makeover, becomes cheer squad captain, started dating Blaine and worked her way up to be one of the most popular girls by senior year.

Now 17, she has her eyes set on becoming prom queen, a stop on her way to becoming like Deanna Russo. She lives with her widowed father who she encourages to date and is still friends with Seth, who secretly has a crush on her but is afraid to ask her to prom; and socially inept Martha. Stephanie and Tiffany have regular disagreements over prom preparations, who feels threatened by Stephanie taking her the prom queen title. This eventually leads to Tiffany convincing fellow cheerleaders to sabotage Stephanie's landing at the end of their cheer performance. The fall puts Stephanie into a coma

20 years later, Stephanie wakes up from her coma confused. Mr Conway and Martha, now the principal at Harding High; take Stephanie home. On the way they drive past Deanna Russo's house and Stephanie sees that Tiffany and Blaine now reside there. With reluctant support from her dad and Martha, Stephanie goes back to high school.

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E63 | Senior Year (Film)
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