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E69 | Stranger Things - season 4 part 1 (series)

The fourth season of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things, titled Stranger Things 4,

As for the adults, Jim Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) are thankfully reunited with the help of Murray (Brett Gelman). Now they just need to get back to the States safely.

But with all the good guys come some bad guys, and they don’t come much worse than Jamie Campbell Bower, aka 001, aka Vecna. The ultra-powerful supposed guard is actually highly bonded to Eleven, only with far more violent tendencies. He now feasts on those with trauma and guilt in their past, shattering their bones every time.

The only person to escape his clutches thus far is Max (thanks to Kate Bush, naturally), but we’re curious to see how this goes.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 plot: What will happen?

In the final two episodes of the season we’re likely to see how the gang join forces in order to take down the terrifying being that is Vecna – especially now they know his real identity.
During the 'Massacre at Hawkins Lab', Vecna revealed himself actually be 001 – the first superpowered child to be taken in by the lab.
001 had been chipped and experimented on, with his blood being used to later breed a host of children with powers… including Eleven.
He is also, unfortunately, highly narcissistic and more than a bit of a megalomaniac, believing his power prove he is above your average human. After wiping out nearly all the patients and doctors at the ward for trying to keep him detained, he found himself sparing Eleven, who he’d bonded with during his time in the lab. But she denied his request to help him take over humanity, instead overpowering him and sending him to the Upside Down before fleeing.
The only other child we know to have survived is 008 – and we haven't seen her since season two. Will she make a reappearance?

So let’s be clear – Vecna has some scores to settle, and he's going to start with Elle.

"The Hawkins storyline this year is totally out of Nightmare On Elm Street," Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) told GQ. "It’s really exciting to see the show go in that direction." Indeed it was, and we can expect to see reality twisted and bent out of shape by the forces of evil.

Not only has Nightmare's villain Freddie Krueger been directly referenced (by Dustin: "He's the super burned-up dude with razors for fingers and kills you in your dreams!"), but he's actually physically appeared in the story in the form of actor Robert Englund, playing the aged Victor Creel, so it's possible that the NoES references have peaked now for season four.

But then again, the extended franchise could still inspire the climactic two episodes. Just as long as we don't go down the route of Freddie Vs Jason – that would be a nostalgia trip too far.

Elsewhere, having the fate of the world in their hands doesn’t mean these hormone-ridden teens aren’t finding themselves falling in and out of love. Most prominently among fans is the continuing speculation that Will Byers is battling with his sexuality – and has feelings for Eleven's boyfriend and his best mate, Mike.

The cast and creators have been playing fast and loose with this story for a while now, with Will's mum Joyce saying his deadbeat dad would often mock him for being "queer" all the way back in season one because of his gentle nature.

But season four definitely kicked this up a notch, and during a chat with Digital Spy, Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike) opened up about Will's feelings for Mike "shifting towards a more endearing, kind of heartfelt, romantic affection".

Confronted with the question, Finn replied: "Yeah. I think you find out slowly through the season, Will's kind of love towards Mike and I think it's a really beautiful thing."

However, this was almost U-turned on by Millie Bobby Brown, who shot back at those who feel it necessary to label Will's sexuality.

"I think what's really nice about Will's character is that he's just a human being going through his own personal demons and issues. So many kids out there don't know, and that's OK. That's OK to not know. And that's OK not to label things," she told Variety.

So we're sure this will play out sooner rather than later in volume two.

Will isn't the only one with affairs of the heart to contend with either. Nancy is clearly second-guessing her choice of Jonathan over Steve, with Steve still holding a candle for his former fling too.

As Jonathan and Nancy's long-distance romance looks doomed for failure, it seems only a matter of time until she reunites with her original boyfriend (seems all it took was a trip to the Upside Down and a near-death experience to make the heart grow fonder... who knew?)

"I think it's really nice for Nancy and Steve to come back to each other after a few years of kind of growing from where they were," Dyer told Variety. "They're two characters that really care about each other, so it's really nice to see that again.

"I want something for Nancy that makes sense. I don't want her to just end up with somebody because it feels like that's what she needs to do. I think she's probably got a lot of other things going on."

The mid-season finale definitely put in motion ways to get the entire gang back in one place in order to fight this year’s Big Bad. Joyce, Hopper and Murray are on their way back from Russia, Eleven is still in the Hawkins lab, and the rest of the crew are either back in Hawkins or at the very least en route.

But they are all wanted people – particularly Eddie, who’s found himself the centre of a witch hunt by jocks who believe he started The Hellfire Club as a satanic cult and is therefore responsible for the otherwise unexplainable deaths.

Last we saw of the thugs trying to get to him, they were still trying to track him down. Will they reappear after crossing state lines? And will the loveable metalhead live to fight another day?

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E69 | Stranger Things - season 4 part 1 (series)
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