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E82 | You don't know me (series)

You Don’t Know Me is based on a novel by Imran Mahmood, and it uses a unique device to build its story: The protagonist tells his story as a closing argument in his own defense at his murder trial. It worked in the novel, but does that translate to TV?


“We may never know what motivated the killing, but we’re not required to prove motive,” a female prosecutor’s voice is heard as we fade in on the back of the defendant’s head.

Hero (Samuel Adewunmi), on trial for shooting and killing a South London drug dealer named Jamil Issa (Roger Nsengiyumva), hears that closing statement from the prosecutor. Then the judge informs the jury that Hero, who did not testify on his own behalf, has dismissed his barrister and will make his closing statement himself. Hero starts that closing statement by saying that he didn’t do what is likely going to send him to prison, and he tells his side of the story.

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E82 | You don't know me (series)
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