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Bonus Episode | The law according to lidia poet (series)

Lidia Poët, Italy's first qualified lawyer, is banned from practising law because she is a woman. At the same time she investigates murders

Bonus Episode | All the places

Two siblings who haven't seen each other in 15 years mend their relationship while fulfilling a childhood dream: a motorcycle road trip through Mexico

Bonus Episode | A girl and an Astronaut (series)

Opening Shot: 2052. A shot of Earth from space. We pan back and see it’s through the window of a dark space capsule, a seemingly comatose astronaut inside.Suddenly, sc...

E145 | Chris Rock’s ‘Selective Outrage’ (comedy special)

A year after Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars, Rock responded fiercely in a new stand-up special, Netflix’s first experiment in live entertainment.It began with an...

E144 | We have a ghost (movie)

The discovery that their house is haunted by a ghost named Ernest makes Kevin's family a social media sensation. But when Kevin and Ernest get to the bottom of the mys...

Bonus Episode | Full Swing ( Documentary- series)

1. Rory McIlroy has still got it.We had to wait until the end of Full Swing’s inaugural season to get the Rory Episode, one you were undoubtedly waiting for if you spe...

Bonus Episode | Physical 100 (series)

Physical: 100 is a Netflix reality television series shot in South Korea. The survival show was created by MBC's producer Jang Ho-gi. In the show, 100 competitors with...

E143 | Alice in Borderland ( series) 今際の国のアリス

Alice in Borderland (Japanese: 今際の国のアリス, Hepburn: Imawa no Kuni no Arisu) is a 2020 Japanese science fiction thriller drama streaming television series based on the ma...

E142 | Make My Day (series)

On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly have appeared from the dark underground and have begun to attack the inhabitants.

E141 | Jung_E (movie)

Jung_E (Korean: 정이), stylised as JUNG_E, is a 2023 South Korean science fiction film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, starring Kang Soo-yeon, Kim Hyun-joo and Ryu...

E140 | You People (movie)

A new couple and their families reckon with modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations and generational differences.

Bonus Episode | Represent (series)

Represent  (En Place) is a series created by François Uzan and Jean-Pascal Zadi starring Jean-Pascal Zadi, Eric Judor, Benoît Poelvoorde and Fadily Camara. You can wat...

E139 | Dog Gone ( movie)

When his beloved dog goes missing, a young man embarks on an incredible search with his parents to find him and give him life-saving medication.

E138 | Crush course in Romance (series)

The series follows the bittersweet relationship between a banchan shop owner who belatedly enters the war of Korea's college entrance exams, and a top hagwon instructor.

E137 | Kaleidoscope (series)

A master thief and his crew attempt an epic heist worth $7 billion, but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans.All eight episodes can be watched in an...

E136 | The recruit (series) // Far From Home (series) // Hell Dogs (movie)

On this episode we look at The recruit and Far from home (series ) and Hell Dogs (movie)

E135 | My father's Dragon (movie)

Elmer, who is having trouble adjusting to his new life, decides to set out to find a wild island and rescue a young dragon. His adventures will lead him to encounter f...

E134 | Lookism (Anime series)

The popular manhwa series by Park Tae-joon with the same name, Lookism, will soon be made into an anime in South Korea. The story is mostly about “lookism,” which is w...

E133 | Troll (movie)

When an ancient troll is awakened in a Norwegian mountain, a ragtag group of heroes must come together to try and stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.

E132 | Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself (series)

Caught between two warring clans, the son of a notorious witch responsible for a deadly massacre tries to find his place in the world, and his powers.

E131 | Blood and water (series)

 A dark new force has entered the lives of our Parkhurst faves and their lives will never be the same again. Friendships will be pushed, lovers tested and not everyone...

E130 | Wednesday (series)

Wednesday is an American coming of age supernatural horror comedy television series based upon the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. Created by Alfred...

E129 | Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (comedy special)

The comic jokes about learning German, speaking ill of the dead, judging people in horror movies, and ordering Indian food in Scotland.

E128 | Slumberland (movie)

Slumberland is a 2022 American fantasy adventure film directed by Francis Lawrence and written by David Guion and Michael Handelman. It is based on the comic strip, Li...

E127 | Deon Cole: Charleen's Boy (comedy special)

The comic ponders romance, racist hotel showers, post-coital bedtime prayers, and why he loves women of a certain age

E126 | The School For Good and Evil (movie)

The School for Good and Evil is a 2022 fantasy film directed by Paul Feig. It is based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Soman Chainani, with the screenplay is wri...

E125 | Expection (Anime series)

This sci-fi vignette sets the stage for one of the most original tales we’ve seen from the genre in some time. It’s straight from the pages of your favorite classic sc...

E124 | Luckiest girl alive (movie)

A writer's perfectly crafted New York City life starts to unravel when a true-crime documentary forces her to confront her harrowing high school history and question t...

E123 | The Empress (Die Kaiserin) (series)

Sixteen-year-old Bavarian duchess Elisabeth "Sisi" falls in love with her sister's intended fiancé Emperor Franz Joseph and the two later marry. She moves to Vienna an...

E122 | Mr. Harrigan's Phone (movie)

Craig, a young boy, befriends the elderly billionaire John Harrigan. Craig then gives him a mobile phone. However, when the man dies, Craig discovers that he can commu...

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